Karpooravalli thovayal

                           Karpooravalli thovayal



                 Karpooravalli leaves                           15 no

                 Gingelly oil                                           1 tbsp

                 Grated coconut                                    3 tbsp

                 Urad dal                                               1 tbsp

                 Chana dal                                             1 tbsp

                 Red chilies                                           4 or 5 no

                 Curry leaves                                        1 sprig

                 Garlic                                                   1 small 

                 Tamarind                                              1small gooseberry size

                 Required salt



  • First heat an oil with pan. Once oil heats add urad dal and chana dal.
  • Then add red chilies. Saute well. Then add karpooravalli leaves. Saute well.
  • Switch off the flame and let it cool down to room temperature.
  • Then grind it well with other ingredients and enough water for thuvayal consistency.


          Serve it with white rice and rasam.

                 It will helps to relieve cough and cold          

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