Strawberry Icecream with out icecream maker


                      Strawberry Ice cream

 Ingredients                                                                                       Servings  : 10 small cups

Strawberry  puree                                       1 cup

Condensed  milk                                          400 g (milk maid)

Amul fresh cream                                        1 cup


  •    First beat fresh cream with electric beater until thick foam consistency. it will             take around 10 min. if don’t have electric beater, whisk it well. but it will take 20       min.
  •    Then add  condensed milk and again beat it well for 5 min.
  •    Then  add strawberry puree and gently mix it well.
  •     Then transfer it in to an airtight container. freeze it for up to 15 hours.

Serve it and enjoy the home made ice cream


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