Varagu nombu kanji


                                 Varagu nombu kanji   (kodo millet porridge)



                        Varagu                                          ¾ cup

                        Moong dal                                   3 tbsp

                        Tomato finely chopped            1 no

                        Big onion finely chopped        1 no

                        Ginger garlic paste                   1 tsp

                        Mint,coriander leaves             ¼ cup finely chopped

                        Carrot                                         1 no finely chopped

                        Beans, knol khol                       ¼ cup chopped

                        Coconut milk                             ¼ cup

                        Garam masala powder           ½ tsp

                        Chili powder                             1 tsp

                        Required salt

         For seasoning

                        Oil                                              1 tbsp

                        Ghee                                          1 tbsp

                        Cardamom                               1 no

                        Clove                                         2 no

                        Cinnamon                                1 small piece

                        Bay leaf                                    1 no


  • Heat a cooker with oil and ghee. Add seasoning items.
  • Then add onion. Saute well. Then add tomato and ginger garlic paste. Saute well.
  • Then add all the veggies and mix it well. Then add all the powders and mix  it well.
  • Add 2 ½ cups of water. Let it boil.
  • Then wash moong dal and varagu well. Then add vargu and moong dal to the cooker. add salt and mix it well. Pressure cook for 3 whistles. After pressure release mash it well. Then add coconut milk and mix it well. Then add enough hot water for porridge consistency.

                                Garnish with coriander leaves.

                                      Serve it in warm.

Note :

         Add chicken keema instead of veggies if you want.

         If you want more spicy add green chilies.



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