Instant Mango Pickle


                                 Instant mango pickle


                              Mango cubed                             1 ½ cup

                              Red chili                                     15 no

                              Fenugreek seeds                       ¾ tsp

                              Asafoetida                                  1 tsp

                              Gingelly oil                                 ¼ cup

                              Mustard seeds                             ½ tsp

                              Required salt



  1. In a mixing bowl add mango cubes and salt. Mix it well. Keep it aside for 1 hour.
  1. Heat a pan, and dry roast red chili and fenugreek seeds. Then switch off the flame. Add asafoetida in the same pan and roast it. Don’t roast asafoetida  too much.
  1. Then grind the roasted items in semi fine consistency.
  2. Heat a pan with oil, once oil heats add mustard seeds. Once seeds are popped add mango pieces and roasted powder. Mix it well.  Cook in medium flame for 1 min. Then switch off the flame. Cool down to room temperature.

                                                       Keep it in fridge.

                                           Serve it with curd rice and sambar.

                                                              Note : if you want more spicy add red chili powder too.

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