Multi grain dosa

                                       Multi grain dosa



                                  Wheat flour              1 cup

                                  Sathu mavu              1 cup

                                  Curd                           ½ cup

                                  Oil                               1 tbsp

                                  Mustard seeds          1 tsp

                                  Perungayam             ½ tsp

                                  Red chili                    2 no

                                  Curry leaves            1 sprig

                                  Required salt

Sathu mavu: Multigrain Powder(Sathu Maavu)



                                In a mixing bowl add wheat flour, sathu mavu, curd. Add enough                                            water  and  salt. Mix it well without any lumps. Heat a pan with oil,                                        once oil heats add mustard seeds. Once seeds popped add perungayam,                                  curry leaves and red chili. Switch off the flame. Add this Seasoning to                                      the batter.

                                Heat a dosa pan, and spread the batter. Sprinkle some oil. Cook both                                      sides well.

                                                             Serve it with coconut chutney.                                 





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