Masala Sprouts

                                 Masala Sprouts



                           Green moong dal                                   1 cup

                           Ground nut (peanut)                            ½ cup

                           Almonds                                                  10 nos

                           Big onion                                                 1 no finely chopped

                           Tomato                                                     1 no deseeded and chopped

                           Carrot                                                        2 nos finely chopped or grated

                           Oma podi or plain corn flakes             ½ cup

                           Chili powder                                             ¼ tsp

                           Chat masala                                               ½ tsp

                           Required salt



                            For making sprouts

                                    First soak the moong dal overnight or 10 to 12 hrs. Then drain the water  and wash it well. Then drain them and transfer it in to the clean cotton or muslin cloth and make a tight knot.(shown in the picture). Leave it in  warm and dark place till they sprout or over night. Keep this  sprouts in the fridge for 2 days for future use.

 Soak almonds and ground nut for overnight. Then wash it and drain it well. Peel the almond skin.

 For making masala

                                     Add all items except oma podi in the mixing bowl. Then add salt, mix it    well.

                                                 Serve it in a bowl. Sprinkle some omapodi on top of it.

                                                 Note : If you want you can add grated beetroot also.


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