Varagu payasam (kodo millet)

                                      Varagu payasam (kodo millet kheer)



                                      Varagu                                                1 cup

                                      Sabudana(javvarisi)                        ½ cup

                                      Sugar                                                  ¾ cup

                                      Boiled milk                                        1 cup

                                      Ghee                                                   4 tbsp

                                      Cashew nut                                       6 no

                                      Raisins                                               6 no

                                      Cardamom powder                          ½ tsp


  1. First pressure cook the sabudana with 1 ½ cup water for one whistle.

         After pressure release cool down and keep it aside.

  1. Then pressure cook the varagu with 2 cups of water. After pressure

          release mash the varagu well and add sabudana. Then heat this and add

          sugar, cardamom powder and ½ cup of water. Mix it well. Let it boil for 2 min.

          Switch off the flame.

  1. Heat a small pan with ghee. Then add cashew and fry it golden

          brown. Then switch it off and add raisin, fry it. Add this to payasam. Mix it


                                                       Serve it when it is warm.





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