Paruppu Bonda


                                              Paruppu Bonda


             Split yellow pea                                  1 cup (yellow pattani paruppu)

             Urad dal                                               2 tsp

             Finely chopped onion                       1 no

             Chopped green chili                          1 no

             Chopped curry leaves                       1 tbsp

             Chopped ginger                                  1 tsp

             Fennel seeds                                        1 tsp

             Asafoetida                                            ½ tsp

             Oil                                                          for deep fry

             Required salt


    1. First soak the dal together for 3 hours.
    1. Then wash it and grind it to a semi coarse paste like white rava.
    1. Then add all the ingredients except oil and mix it well.
  1. Heat oil for deep fry. Once oil heats, take some batter and shape it into a ball and fry in the medium heat till the bonda turns golden brown and crisp.

                             Serve it with Coffee or Tea.

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