Thipili rasam(pipali)


                                        Thipili rasam(pippali)


                       Tamarind water             2 cup

                       Tomato                             2 no

                       Turmeric powder           ½ tsp

                       asafotida(perungayam)   ¼ tsp

                       Coriander leaves               for garnish

                       Required salt

            For dry roast

                       Thipili                                  1 tsp

                       Pepper                                1 tsp

                       Cumin seeds                      1 tsp

                       Curry leaves                      1 sprig

            For seasoning

                      Oil                                        1 tbsp

                      Mustard seeds                   1 tsp

                      Red chili                              2 no

                      Curry leaves                       1 sprig



    1. First dry roast the items given. Then grind the items in a fine powder. Keep it aside.
    1. Mash the tomatoes in tamarind water. Add turmeric powder and asafotida.
    1. Add enough water and salt. Mix it well.
    1. Then heat the rasam, once the rasam boils add roasted powder and mix it well.
  1. Heat the pan with oil, once oil heats add mustard seeds. once seeds are popped add red chili and curry leaves. Then add this seasoning to rasam.

img_5812After  this stage, switch off the flame.

                                      Garnish with coriander leaves.

                                         Serve it with rice.

                               This rasam is good for cold and cough                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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