Vazhaithandu kola


                                    Vazhaithandu kola(Banana stem)


         Vazhaithandu sliced                       20 to 25 pcs

         Big onion finely chopped                ½ cup

         Finely chopped ginger                    1 tsp

         Chili powder                                   1 tsp

         Garam masala powder                  ¾ tsp

         Fennel seeds powder                    ½ tsp

         Roasted gram dal powder             4 tbsp (pottukadalai powder)

         Finely chopped coriander leaves   1 tbsp

         Required salt

         Oil for deep fry


    1.  First steam cook the banana stems for 10 to 15 min. Then squeeze the banana stems and mash it well.(squeeze the stems as much you can)
    1. Add all the ingredients and mix it well. Make a small lemon size ball.
    1. Heat oil in the kadai, carefully fry the kola in medium flame. Fry till the kola turns golden brown.
  1. Drain them on paper towel.

                            Serve it with any variety rice.


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