Maravalli kilangu Dosa(Tapioca)


                               Maravalli kilangu dosa(Tapioca dosa)


              Raw maravalli kilangu chopped                       1 ½ cup

              Rice flour                                                     1 cup

              Turmeric powder                                               ½ tsp

              Fennel seeds                                                 1 tsp

              Red chilli                                                      6 nos

              Curry leaves                                                   1 sprig

              Required salt


    1. First grind the chopped kilangu, fennel seeds, red chili and curry leaves with enough water.(semi coarsely)
    1. Then add rice flour,hing and salt. Mix it well. Add enough water to get dosa batter consistency.
  1. Heat a tawa and spread the dosa batter. Sprinkle with oil.Cook both sides in medium flame.

                            Serve it with chutney or jaggery                                                 

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