Wheat Cashew Cookies


                                      Wheat cashew cookies

                     Healthy Homemade Cookies


        Wheat flour                                 2 cup

        Cashew nut                                 ¼ cup

        Sugar                                          ¾ cup

        Butter                                          1 ½ cup

        Salt                                              ¼ tsp

        Milk                                              4 tbsp


    • First grind the cashew nuts in a fine powder.
    • In a mixing bowl  add all the flours, sugar, butter and  salt. Mix it well.
    • Then add milk. Mix it well and make it into a soft dough. (shown in the picture)Don’t add too much milk, otherwise the dough will get sticky.
    • Meanwhile preheat the oven 360 degree
    • Pinch some dough, make it a small ball. Press the dough(shown in the picture)
    • Make small holes with fork on top of the cookie(shown in the picture)
    • Arrange tray. Put the tray in freezer for 10 min. Then bake it for 18 min or until  cookies turn light brown.
    • Then take the tray out. Cookies are soft when you take the tray from the oven.
  • Cool down the cookies to room temperature completely. After cooling down take the cookies and store it in an airtight container.    

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