Bitter guard thoku 

                                Bitter guard thoku



           Bitter guard(thin sliced)                                  1 cup

           Thick tamarind water                                      ¼ cup

           Jaggery                                                               2 tbsp

           Udupi rasam powder                                       2 tsp

           Gingely oil                                                          2 tsp

           Mustard seeds                                                   1 tsp

           Curry leaves                                                       1 strand

           Required salt


1.       Heat the vessel with oil. Once oil heats add mustard seeds, once seeds are popped add curry leaves.

2.       Then add sliced bitter guard. Saute well.

3.       Then add tamarind water and jaggery. Mix it well. Cover it and cooks well.

4.        Once bitter guard cooks well, add Udupi rasam powder, mix it well. cook until it turns thoku consistency.

                                               Serve it with sambar sadam or curd rice.



              Soak the sliced bitter guard in butter milk for 10 min. it will helps to reduce bitter taste.


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