Paneer sandwich

                                                    Paneer sandwich



                                Whole wheat bread                                                      2 slices

                                Grated paneer                                                                2 tbsp

                                Chili powder                                                                    ¼ tsp

                                Garam masala powder                                                  ¼ tsp

                                Kasturi methi leaves                                                     1 tsp

                                Green chutney ( mint or coriander)                            1 tbsp

                                Tomato ketchup or sauce                                            1 tsp

                                Butter                                                                              2 tsp

                                Required salt


1.       In a mixing bowl add grated paneer, all the powders, Kasturi methi and pinch of salt. Mix it well. keep it aside.

2.       Take one slice of bread and spread butter on one side, spread tomato ketchup on the other side. Keep it aside.

3.       Take another slice of bread. Spread butter on one side. Spread green chutney on the other side. Spread one layer of paneer mix on the top of green chutney. Cover this bread with another slice of bread. Press it well with flat ladle.

4.       Heat a dosa pan. Toast the bread until it turns golden brown on both sides.


                                        Cut diagonally, serve it hot with coffee or tea.





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