Parupu Urundai Kulambu

                            Parupu urundai kulambu



        Coriander powder                             2 tsp

        Chili powder                                       1 tsp

        Tamarind water                                 ¼ cup

        Tomato                                                1 no

        Required salt

For grind

        Grated coconut                                   ¼ cup

        Cumin seeds                                        ½ tsp

        Garlic                                                     1 no

For seasoning

         Mustard seeds                                   1 tsp

         Oil                                                        1 tbsp

         Curry leaves                                       1 strand

For making urundai

         Gram dal                                              ¾ cup

         Big onion finely chopped                   ¼ cup

         Coconut finely chopped                     2 tbsp

         Green chili finely chopped                 1 no

         Finely chopped curry leaves              1 tbsp

         Fennel seeds                                         1 tsp

         Hing (perungayam)                               ½ tsp

         Required salt


1.       Fisrt soak the gram dal 2 to 3 hours. Wash the dal and drain it well. Grind coarsely without water. Transfer in to bowl. Add chopped onion, green chili, curry leaves, coconut, hing, fennel seeds and salt. Mix it well. Pinch some and make a small lemon size ball. Roll the ball tightly as much possible, otherwise the urundai will dissolve in the gravy.  Keep it aside.

2.       Grind the given items in a fine paste. Mash the tomatoes well.

3.       In a vessel add tamarind water, coriander, chili powder, coconut paste, mashed tomato, salt and enough water for kulambu consistency. Mix it well. Heat it up. Let it boil.

4.       Once the gravy gets rolling boil, low the flame. Carefully put the ball one by one in gravy. Cover it. Cook in medium flame. Once the gravy and urundai cooks well, switch off the flame.

5.       Heat a pan with oil. Once oil heats add mustard seeds, once seeds are popped add curry leaves. switch off the flame. Add this seasoning to the kulambu.

                                                              Serve it with white rice.

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