Mysore pak 

                                    Mysore pak (hard




             Gram flour                                             2 cups

             Sugar                                                      2 cups

             Ghee                                                       3 cups

             Oil                                                            ½ cup


1.       First grease the tray with ghee. Keep it aside.

2.       Mix ghee and oil together. Keep it aside.

3.       Heat a pan with 2 tbsp of ghee. Roast gram flour until nice aroma comes.

4.       In a blender add roasted gram flour and ½ cup ghee. Just blend it in a blender. (shown in the picture) keep it aside.

5.       Heat a heavy bottom pan, add sugar and ½ cup of water. let it boil. Meanwhile heat a ghee in medium flame.




6.       Keep stirring. Check the syrup. Once the syrup turns single tread consistency, immediately add gram flour batter. Mix it well. Keep stirring. Add hot ghee in intervals. Keep stirring. Once you get the porous texture. ( Shown in the picture). Immediately switch off the flame. Transfer the mixture to the tray and pat it with a flat ladle. When it is still warm, mark the pieces. After cooling down, carefully cut the pieces.

                                          Store it in an airtight container.

I will post soft Mysore pak later.



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