Raw rice                                       2 cups

           Jaggery                                         1 ½ cups

           Cardamom powder                   ½ tsp

           Sukku powder                             ½ tsp

           Sesame seeds                              1 tsp

           Oil                                                  for deep fry





1.       First soak the raw rice for 1 hour. Then spread it in a cloth for 30 min.

2.       First crush jaggery. Heat a pan with little water. Then add jaggery. Once jaggery dissolves, strain it. Keep it aside.

3.       When you press the rice, it will stick your hand. (shown in the picture). This is the correct stage for grinding. Grind it to a semi fine powder. Take small amount of flour, and press it with your fist, it should hold it shape, when you press it harder it should crumble. The flour should be crumble and moist. (shown in the picture)

4.       Heat a jaggery syrup in the pan. Add cardamom, sukku and sesame seeds. Keep stirring.

5.       Checking the syrup by pouring it on a bowl of water. At one stage the syrup will not get dissolve in water. gather it your hands, it will form a ball like jelly. This is the correct consistency. Switch off the flame.

6.       Add the flour to the syrup. Mix it well without any lumps. Transfer in to airtight container. Spread 1 tsp of ghee (shown in the picture) Keep it for two days.

7.       Heat a kadai with oil in a medium flame.

8.       Pinch small dough and roll it. Take a polythene sheet and grease it with oil.

9.       Flatten the dough with your fingers.

10.   Fry adhirasam one by one in medium flame. Press it with a ladle to drain excess oil.

                               Store it in an airtight container.

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