Pottu kadalai muruku 

                                      Pottu kadalai murukku


            Rice flour                                      3 cup

            Pottu kadalai flour                      ¾ cup

            Ajwain seed(omam)                    1 tsp

            Hing                                                ½ tsp

            Butter                                             4 tbsp

            Oil                                                    for deep fry

            Required salt


1.       In a mixing bowl add all the flours, omam, hing, butter and salt. Mix it well.

2.       Add little water to make a soft dough.

3.       Add dough in thenkuzal murukku press. Heat oil in the kadai, carefully press the murukku in the kadai. Deep fry till the murukku turns slightly golden brown. Drain in the paper towel. Cool down to room temperature.

                       Store it in an airtight container.  



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