Wheat koozh

Wheat koozh


Wheat flour                                   1 cup

rice                                                 ¼ cup

Curd                                               ¾ cup

Green chili                                    1 no

Cumin seeds                                1 tsp

Ginger finely chopped               ½ tsp

Curry leaves                                1 strand

Required salt


  1. Mix the wheat flour with water. Beat well without lumps.
  2. Grind the raw rice coarsely like as wheat rava.
  3. Heat a vessel with 3 cups of water. Once the water boiled add rice rava.. Mix it well without any lumps. Let it boil.
  4. Once the rice cooked 3/4th consistency, add wheat flour batter.
  5. Keep stirring, and cook  well without any lumps. If the water is not enough add more hot water.
  6. Once the wheat and rice cooked well, switch off the flame. Let it cool down to room temperature.
  7. In a mixie jar add cooked rice and ½ cup water. Grind well. After cooling down add rice mixture to the koozh. Mix it well. Ferment for over night.
  8. Next morning grind the curd with cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves and green chili.
  9. Add this curd mixture to the koozh. Mix it well. Add salt, and enough water for drinking consistency.

Best accomplishment for wheat koozh is with fresh onion (peeled ) along                                with mango pickle or pickle of your choice.


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