Cheese capsicum quesdilla

Cheese capsicum quesadilla


Grated paneer                                               ½ cup

Grated cheese                                               2 tbsp

Capsicum finely chopped                            ¼ cup

Oil                                                                    1 tbsp

Roti dough(chappathi)                                 1 big lemon size ball

Tomato ketchup                                           2 tbsp



  1.  Roll the dough circle like roti.
  2. Heat the tawa, place the roti. Cook one side in medium flame. Drizzle oil in that side.
  3. If roti is cooked well, flip on the other side. Turn the flame low.
  4. On that side spread the ketchup half side, as shown in the picture. Put chopped capsicum on top of it. Put some shredded cheese also.
  5. Carefully fold the roti( shown in the picture)
  6. Cut in to half pieces.

Serve it with tomato ketchup.

Kids will like it. This is good  for evening snack also.


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